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Deja Blue is a four-piece blues band based in Northern Virginia whose roots are deep into Classic Chicago Blues, as well as the Blues/Rock and Rhythm & Blues of the 60ís. Our play list covers the Blues Greats: Muddy Waters, Albert King, and Little Walter along with the more current sounds of Rod Piazza, Robben Ford, Mitch Kashmar, Little Charlie & The Nightcats and Harmonica legends Kim Wilson and William Clarke. Deja Blue is available for nightclub gigs, dance events, private parties and festivals.



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Jan. 30, 2016    Lost Rhino Brewing Co.          Ashburn , VA    

Feb. 20, 2016     Private Event                          Herndon, VA

March 19, 2016  Bungalow Billards                 Chantilly, VA  

March 26, 2016  Palio's of Leesburg                Leesburg, VA  

April 8, 2016      World of Beer                          Ashburn, VA

April 16, 2016    JV's Restaurant                      Falls Church , VA  

April 26, 2016   3rd & Lindsley                         Nashville, TN

May 7,  2016     Laila Rose Fundraiser            Remington, VA

June 11, 2016  Spanky's Pub                           Leesburg , VA

June 18, 2016   Lost Rhino Brewing Co.         Ashburn , VA

July 3, 2016      Private Event                           Sterling, VA

Aug. 12, 2016   Losst Rhino Retreat                Ashburn, VA

Aug. 17,  2016   Nicks Nightclub                     Alexandria, VA

Aug. 20, 2016   Downtown Saloon                  Leesburg, VA

Aug. 27,  2016   Officer Down Ride                  Gainsville, VA

Sept. 10, 2016  Palio's of Leesburg                 Leesburg, VA

Sept. 16, 2016  Mustang Sally Brewing Co.    Chantilly, VA

Oct. 1, 2016     Private Event                             Fairfax, VA

Oct. 14, 2016  Mustang Sally Brewing Co.      Chantilly, VA

Oct. 21, 2016   Bungalow Billards                    Chantilly, VA  

Nov 4, 2016  Mustang Sally Brewing Co.         Chantilly, VA

Dec 2, 2016  Mustang Sally Brewing Co.         Chantilly, VA

Jan 6, 2017   Horseshoe Curve Restaurant      Bluemont, VA

Jan 20, 2017   Mustang Sally Brewing Co.         Chantilly, VA

Jan. 121, 2017  Palio's of Leesburg                 Leesburg, VA

Feb 18, 2017   Horseshoe Curve Restaurant    Bluemont, VA


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Rick Jones Pianos

Jimmy Nalls


"Southside" Dan Solem
Dave Duncan Jimmy Nalls Hope & Healing Fund

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"Deja Blue Blues Band" at Nick's  8/18/2010

"Deja Blue Blues Band" at Bangkok Blues 12/4/2010

"Deja Blue Blues Band"  Gotta Swing Dance Jam  at the Dulles Hilton April 30, 2010



Listen to the Band

Short Medley of Tunes 


Rock This House

Blues With A Feeling

Tell Your Mother

Denny Begle - Bass & Vocals

Craig Gaylor - Harmonica & Vocals

Larry Frederick - Drums & Vocals 

Paul Eldridge - Guitar  


Deja Blue 3rd & Lindsley  Nashville, TN  April 26, 2016

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